Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sissy Needs a Spanking
So very Very Bad

Sissy Needs his face BURIED

Sissy NEEDS his face BURIED someplace dark and moist..

Where is nose and tongue can help Ma'am to moan

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dress me like this PLEASE Ma'am

OMG I just love this look!

I want to be dressed in a little sissy girl pink, frilly, lacy outfit that is way too short like this and have to model for a group of jeering, grabby, bossy, verbally abusive women.

As I sit here late tonight typing and posting this with only one hand on the keyboard i am wishing and hopping that my friend Ms T. will see these pics and read these words.

Because She knows what a sissy
i am
and that I would love to be shown off and teased
dressed like this.
I could even be convinced to
pose for pics......

Notice the dumb bimbo look on her face, the limp wrists
and the smooth skin legs and tummy.
A great look for me don't you think Ma'am?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Perversion's Passionate Prisoner

Caught in something way to short, my sweet little sissy dress covers absolutely nothing below my navel. I am smooth, hairless, waxed naked and erect, happily trapped on display for my Mistress and her friends. Slapped, pinched, bound, grabbed, and made helpless by their lust and my desire. I am their limp wrist boy toy, craving their cruel and wicked demands.

Humiliated by my hunger I am addicted to the depravity of my own desire, I crawl before them craving even more degradation. I have wagered and lost my right to decide. I can only beg and plead to pleasure and please them all. I am a silly sissy slut seeking submissive slavery who never seems to be able to say no to their demands. I am a bimbo airhead pantie seeking pansy who can only be satisfied by pleasing her and her friends. I serve and allow that to be my only personal fulfillment.

Their moans make my mouth water and drive me deeper into their orgasmic climax zones. They scream for joy and I scream in pain, then everyone is happy. My bottom paddled and twitching is swollen crimson red, my tears of submission wet my face and their thighs. Until they are completed and exhausted I am not allowed relief, my mission is their pleasure, my naked smooth bottom and private parts their target.

Whipped and teased into a frantic sexual frenzy, my welts, cries and tears are heard only as begging for more. Blindfolded, ball gagged and buggered I can no longer control what happens to me. I am happily at their mercy, acquiescent to the abuse that all sluts like me crave.

Squirming at their feet, my tiny rock hard, member uselessly points, decadent and drooling into its tightly bound condom cell. I slither, worship and tongue my way through the mounds of demanding flesh, lead by the leash of my sissy pig tails, I am a slave to their pull. I suck and lick, pushing back into another's cruel, purposefully invasive grabbing, tugging, swatting and smacking. Helplessly I enjoy being used and so deliciously abused.

The long weekend of service has just begun


Monday, November 22, 2010

Once again my sexuality is evolving, yet at the same time i seem focused on a central theme or two. This blog has been my outlet for the pink, softer side of my sexuality. My inner sissy again expresses her most decadent wanton cravings on these pages. i can not escape her, nor wood i ever want to. Twirling in my own imagination i more often than not land in the most wonderful RT experiences as in delight i continue to enjoy my swishy sissy side.

Currently i am fixated on the sissy-art of a wonderful artists named pennypinpee. i have posted An example here and you can find more on Flickr.

Her sissies suffer/enjoy, being forced/allowed to wear the shortest little dresses imaginable. All of them keep their little soldier attentive at the thought of wearing theses ultra short costumes. These sexy outfits easily reveal, quite pointedly, how excited they really are. For that matter her art has been keeping me attentive since it was pointed out to me.

Couple this with a certain deliciously naughty lady from the South, a (Ms T) who wants to (and will if i am lucky) wax me smooth and completely hairless from my waist down.

i will again have that wonderful feeling of being so completely naked and smooth. A sissy's dream!

This sissies dream is to wear a very very short pennypinpee design sissy dress and mince about for any and all that would be entertained by an effeminate Prissy submissive Pansy. I am thinking ala "Prissy's Sissies". I will post more on this later

Mix into all of this a wish that my dearest friend for the last 13 years (The Marq ) will agree to make me a special new dress like those in pennypinpee's drawings. She is an amazing seamstress, who made my first sissy maid dress. It was stunning, complete with ultra short skirt, bushels of crinoline ruffles, black/ shinny and fit me like a glove. A picture of me in that sissy maid dress a couple of years ago is here.

Alas it finally wore out after years of serving and scrubbing, laundry, ironing vacuuming, kneeling and servicing.

As I post here tonight though i can only pinch myself to stay attentive as this sissy dream may just come true.

Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted ;)

Sissy Slut

Sunday, May 3, 2009

You know you are sissy when

You let some irresistibly cute
bossy, pushy, insistent

dominant Rubenesqu woman
Dress you up in a sissy tu tu
and take lots of pics...

Cuz she tells you that you have to do it
and you know that you can not say no to her

Now you're her sissy for as long as she says.

You know you are sissy when

You just want her to
take humiliating pics of you

That she can threaten to post somewhere!!

Do as your told Sissy

You know you are sissy when

You love being humiliated

You look for

and always seem to find

creative ways be humiliated


You LOVE Being Their Sissy SLAVE!

You just love being a helpless

You know you are sissy when

Sometimes You just want to be dressed
Like a

little sissy baby girl

You know you love it sissy!!!

You know you are sissy when

You just Crave
the Humiliation
of being a sissy

Face it, you are a slut aren't you?

You know you're a sissy when

When you find deserted places
to take some very slutty shots

You are a very naughty swissy aren't you