Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dress me like this PLEASE Ma'am

OMG I just love this look!

I want to be dressed in a little sissy girl pink, frilly, lacy outfit that is way too short like this and have to model for a group of jeering, grabby, bossy, verbally abusive women.

As I sit here late tonight typing and posting this with only one hand on the keyboard i am wishing and hopping that my friend Ms T. will see these pics and read these words.

Because She knows what a sissy
i am
and that I would love to be shown off and teased
dressed like this.
I could even be convinced to
pose for pics......

Notice the dumb bimbo look on her face, the limp wrists
and the smooth skin legs and tummy.
A great look for me don't you think Ma'am?

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